Combo Cold Room For Hotel And Restaurant

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Most cold room in hotel kitchens are using combo temperature cold storage. Because the temperature requirements for preserving fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat products are different, and to ensure the freshness of food ingredients. Hotel kitchen cold room generally adopts combo temperature cold storage,one part for chiller and one part for freezer.

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Cold Room Description

Goods come in and out frequently for hotel kitchen cold room. In order to ensure sufficient food , the hotel often replenishes fresh food , and the hotel consumes a large amount of food every day. In order to reduce the damage to the warehouse environment caused by frequent storage and delivery, PVC curtain or air curtain are usually installed outside the cold room doors, and automatic return cold room hinged doors are used for hotel restaurant cold room.

Cold room is usually close to or in the kitchen, where it is prone to standing water, clutter, or insects and mice. Therefore, the the hotel restaurant cold room should also be cleaned frequently. Use rounded corners or install arc aluminum in the cold storage corners to reduce the accumulation of dirt.

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Cold Room Structure

Cold room consists of insulated panels(PUR/PIR sandwich panel), cold room door(hinged door/sliding door/swing door), condensing unit, evaporator (air cooler),temperature controller box, air curtain, copper pipe, expansion valve and other fittings.

Cold Room Applications

Cold room is widely used in food industry, medical industry, and other related industries.

In food industry, cold room is usually used in food processing factory, slaughterhouse, fruit and vegetable warehouse,supermarket,hotel, restaurant, etc.

In medical industry, cold room is usually used in hospital, pharmaceutical factory, blood center, gene center, etc.

Other related industries, such as chemical factory, laboratory, logistics center, they also need cold room.

How to Customize Cold Room

1.What is the application of the cold room?
PU sandwich panel thick and surface material are decided by this. For example, cold room for seafood storing, we use panel with 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and has long service life.

2.What is cold room size? Length*Width*Height
We calculate panel quantity,choose condensing unit and evaporator model according to cold room size.

3.Which country will the cold room be located in? How about the climate?
Power supply is decided by country. If the temperature is high , we need to choose condenser with bigger cooling area.

Following are some standard sizes for chiller room and freezer room. Welcome to check.

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Cold Room Parameter





-50°C to 50 °C


380V, 220V or Customized

Main parts

PUR/PIR sandwich panel

Cold room door

Condensing unit——Bitzer, Emerson, GREE, Frascold.

Air cooler——GREE, Gaoxiang, Jinhao, etc.


Valves, copper pipe, thermal insulation pipe, wire, PVC pipe

PVC curtain, LED light

Cold Room Panel

We use fluoride-free material, it is more environment-friendly. Our cold room panels can reach fireproof level B2/B1
Polyurethane panel is foamed by high pressure with density of 38-42 kg/m3. So the thermal insulation will be good.

Cold Room Door

We have different types of cold room door, such as hinged door, sliding door, free door,swing door and other types of doors according to your requirement.

Condensing Unit

We use the world famous compressor like Bitzer, Emerson, Refcomp, Frascold and etc.
It is easy to operate the automatic high-precision digital controller with high efficiency.


Air coolers has DD series, DJ series, DL series model.
DD series is suitable for medium temperature;
DJ series is suitable for low temperature;
DL series is suitable for high temperature.
For blast freezer, we also use aluminum pipe

Temperature Controller Box

Standard Functions:
Overload protection
Phase sequence protection
High and low pressure protection
Short circuit alarm
Automatic temperature control & automatic defrosting
Another customized functions can be also added, like humidity.

How to Install a Cold Room?

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